Empowering Young People to Take Action to Achieve their Greatness and Success.

Welcome to Lady Pearl Mentorship Academy youth organization.

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Welcome!!  The lady Pearl Mentorship Academy (LPMA) is a youth development and leadership program committed to transform the younger generation – one youth, one family, one community at a time. We empower youth to take action to achieve their Greatness and success through a Changed MINDSET. 

Our program is built on a single believe that allows the youth to Stand Up, Stand Out, and Show their Greatness! We empower every youth to Aim High and never settle for anything other than Greatness. 

The activities we offer are designed to build Self-confidence, Self-Awareness, Self-Discovery, Self-Development, Character Enrichment, and Leadership Skills for young people. Our services are offered to young people ages 4 through 17 and young adults Ages 18 through 21 utilizing one-on-one mentoring, group coaching/mentoring, leadership training, entrepreneurship training, career coaching and family enrichment.

We Educate, We Lead, We Inspire, We Transform, and We Empower youth by discussing the issues that concern them the most. “We believe everyone is ELITE"! 

We invite you to join our life changing development and leadership program. Send us a message or join our membership for an awesome experience! 


Our Vision

We believe every child has the abilities to reach their full potential through constant guidance and support. Therefore we provide supports, guidance, and encouragements to uplift the dreams and aspirations of the younger generation.  Our Motor is "Everyone Is ELITE" and so we Educate, Lead, Inspire, Transform, Empower young people to bring out their best.

Our Belief

We believe the transformation of a community begins with a growth mindset of the younger generation.

Our Mission

Helping the younger generation achieve their greatness and success through a growth mindset.

Youth Development, Youth Empowerment, and leadership

Youth Development, Youth Empowerment, and leadership

Youth Speaker, Youth Mentoring

Lady Pearl Mentorship Academy is a youth organization which empowers young people to achieve their greatness through changed mindset. We focus on unleashing their inner potentials and superpowers through community-building events, conferences, workshops and in-depth training sessions.

Get Involved

Are you passionate about supporting the Younger Generation? We are always looking for good spirited individuals who create solutions to support issues facing the Younger Generation. Join us to help make our vision a reality. We're excited about supporting the youth in our community and we hope you are too.  The transformation of a community begins with a growth mindset of the younger generation! With you we can do more. Join our team.

Youth Coaching

What is one thing that wakes you up in the middle of the Night? If you are to take one step to better your life, what is one step you would love to take? What is the one most single thing you never get tied doing? Let the conversation begin!


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